Bonjour à Magdeburg

French ambience at the coffee shop

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of our sweet coffee shop and enter into a world away from the stresses of everyday life.

At our coffee shop we offer you different kinds of freshly backed cupcakes and tartlets also as small deliciously sweet foods – all of them are handmade in our bakery.

Enjoy a delicious CAFÉ AU LAIT with our homemade pastries like finest MACARONS, heavenly delicious FAIRY CAKES or hearty QUICHES.



Local business partners

Close cooperation with regional partners ensures quality assurance and strengthen smaller businesses as well as the regional economy.

Tangermünder Kaffeerösterei

Gentle roasting with much love for the product. The best coffee roaster in the region – awarded several times.

Klietznicker Hofmolkerei

Fresh milk directly from the farm for our coffee drinks


Exceptional sodas, juices and beers.

Cupcake assortment

brew bar – third wave coffee

brew bar? What should it be?

We are convinced that only a freshly grounded and freshly brewed coffee can develop its full aroma. For this reason, we brew each specialty coffee fresh for you individually.

You can choose from 4 different coffees from different countries. Each coffee bean develops its very specific taste profile in the cup. It can range from chocolaty-nutty to fruity-sweet.

Our Brewista will help you to discover the complex and versatile aromas of our coffees.

Factors such as temperature, rainfall, sun intensity and soil conditions during the harvest year affect the taste of the coffee. In addition to the growing area, the harvesting process and especially the subsequent processing of the coffee cherries has a great influence on the aromas of the coffee.

Try to taste the flavors. The coffee must be sucked as strong as possible in the mouth. So powerful that even loud noises are created, so that the flavors are distributed throughout the mouth.

hand filtered in V60

What is specialty coffee?

The term specialty coffee is protected by strict guidelines of the “Specialty Coffee Association of America” ​​(SCAA) and refers primarily to the quality of coffee beans that are subjected to stringent testing criteria. With a little further interpretation, specialty coffee is a product that combines the quality of coffee with the knowledge of growing, processing and the love of enjoyment in one cup. The focus is on the best possible quality, but also direct communication channels from the roasting plants to the coffee farmers are essential, so that complete transparency of the entire supply chain is guaranteed. The high quality of the green coffee is achieved by an ecologically sustainable cultivation. It is also important that coffee farmers receive fair wages and social projects in the country of origin are promoted.